Do you really know Robert Kuok? Part 2

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Another quality that we should learn from Robert Kuok is he never satisfied in improving/ perfecting his product. He founded an international corporate (Wilmar International) and its corporate laboratory consisting of the top nutritionist team in America, Indonesia Palm Oil King, and China Food Industry. After that, he invested a lot of money in food product safety and nutrient. In 2011, Robert’s team has requested to undergo examination by AIB International which is the top food quality and safety examination at that time.

Robert Kuok also secretly donate 2 Million USD to China for holding the 2018 Asian Games. Also, currently (2020), he donated another 30 Million RMB during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak at Wuhan, China. Other donations he did are 20 Million RMB in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake and 100 Million MYR in building Xiamen University Malaysia. He also contributed to building 50 new primary schools in China. All these have shown that although he is a world-level rich people he always remember to contribute back to society.

When he starts founding Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, he emphasizes some points in his business.

  • The welfare of hotel employees
  • Service provided to our customers
  • Benefits of our shareholders

In his point of view, taking care of welfare for employees will encourage them to give the best service to their customers. When customers feel satisfied, the shareholders will get a high ROI.

From <Robert Kuok: A Memoir>, he shows utmost respect to his mother. He emphasizes it again and again, his mother is the one who influences him the most in his life. Since he was young, his mother instills core values into him, such as honesty, integrity, no stealing, no jealous/ hate on others’ wealth, goods, and appearance. Every time Robert faces a problem, he would find his mother for a solution. Although it is just a simple chat, he can always seek wisdom from her words. She always reminds him to be a humble person.

All these lessons enable Robert to keep a good personality although handling big business. Since young, his mother has taught him to become a Moral businessman. A good businessman should not be greed and must have a noble attitude in treating people.

In 1970, Malaysia Pound sterling has devalued, crop harvesting is not so satisfying. These have caused the pricing of wheat to become unstable. He invested wheat worth of 30 Million with production price into the market. His action successfully stimulated the price to be maintained at a low average level. Although the wheat on his hand can be used to earn big money in that crisis, he willing to help the economy as he followed his mother’s pieces of advice (to not be the culprit of high food price) as all the poor people cannot survive if food price is too high.

Robert Kuok believes that as long as he is being honest and not taking advantage of people, he will have endless business finding him.

Robert Kuok is a person who eager to study from better people. He mentioned that Mr. Hong Dun Shu is his mentor in business. In 1953, Robert is on his business trip to Bangkok, Thailand. Robert is very anticipated at his dinner with Mr. Hong. He said that he can learn how Mr. Hong tactics on trading rice in their conversation.

Another secret Robert used in his business is that he insisted to co-operate with people when doing business. When he is involved is the field he is not expert in, he would find people who smarter than him in that field to cover his weakness and try to realize a double-winning situation.

Although many people successfully created their history at this fast pace millennium, Robert Kuok is still the proudest ever Malaysian. Thank you.

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