RIASEC Career Test

You will regret it if you don’t take this test before choosing your career

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John Holland’s “RIASEC” Career Test

What job or higher education to pursue in the future? 
Which job/career is the most suitable for you? 
Which developing skill can help you to prepare better for the career?

What is the “RIASEC” Career Test?

A RIASEC test is designed to help children discover which careers are most suitable for them according to their unique abilities, interests, skills, and traits.

The results of a RIASEC test can be used to help kids and teens develop a plan for courses to take in high school and college that is most conducive to achieving one of the careers they were determined to be a match for.

RIASEC stands for:

Realistic: You may do best in mechanical and athletic jobs.
Investigative: You like to observe, learn, analyze, and solve problems.
Artistic: You would like to work in unstructured situations where you can express your creativity.
Social: You prefer working with others.
Enterprising: Enjoy working with and persuading others.
Conventional: You are detail-oriented, organized, and like to work with data.


Step 1:
From the link below, you can take your RIASEC test, submit it and you will be given the top 3 scores in your RIASEC result
click me to take RIASEC test 

E.g. Top 3 score is R, I, C

Step 2:
From the link below, you can see briefly which career is suitable for you by using the top 3 scores in your RIASEC result from step 1. 
click me for a suitable job


R – Architect, Engineer; 

I – Mathematician, Pharmacist; 

C – Actuary, Finance etc.

Step 3:
From the link below, click on your top 3 scores in RIASEC result from step 1, and click the occupation that you are interested in to see more details.
click me for occupation details
(A more detailed description of your job, tasks, technology skills, knowledge, abilities, work activities, work context, RIASEC code preferring, related occupations, wages, etc.)


R-Manufacturing Engineer design, integrate, or improve manufacturing systems or related processes. May work with commercial or industrial designers to refine product designs to increase production and decrease costs.

Technology skills preferred: Computer-aided design CAD software, Computer-aided manufacturing CAM software, Development environment software, etc.

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