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10. Hi, do seniors know about PPBU offered by Bank Rakyat? Is it nearly the same as a PTPTN loan? Is PPBU better than PTPTN? What are the pros and cons of PPBU? How many stages in order to get PPBU? Thank you in advance!

A: PPBU has a field of study preference, which will be harder to apply for those who are not in their preference list. Next, PPBU is a loan type scholarship (same like PTPTN), which will only be a scholarship if your final CGPA is above 3.5. I will advise you to take PPBU though if you don’t have another scholarship. Since for PTPTN the only way of discount is getting CGPA 3.7 and 100% discount, however for PPBU their requirement is lower, with CGPA of 3.5 you can get 100% discount, and PPBU still has a percentage discount if your CGPA is below 3.5. Refer PPBU at PPBU

11. Hey, seniors! Did seniors get a Maxis Scholarship or have experience on applying it? Mind to share your experience on how to get it? I applied for Maxis Young Leaders Scholarship and am invited to join a digital interview. What should I prepare for and take note of? Thank you!

A: Sorry, I did not apply for Maxis Scholarship before so I don’t have this part of experience. For the preparation part what I can advise is to always try to make your answer feel more matured and try to know more global issues/news (sometime they will ask). Next, you need to prepare yourself with some common questions that will be asked such as (what is your strength/weakness, why do you choose the course that you are studying right now, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, why do you need our scholarship and so on). This is to help you get prepared with your PERFECT answer so you won’t speak immature answers or behave panic when questioned. Refer to the tips to answer WEIRD questions by an interviewer at Aglowlife. Congratulations to you for being shortlisted for an interview.

12. I saw um have financial aid ,does the quota hard to get? Are there any scholarships provided by UM itself? If yes, what are the requirements? If not, what are the bond-free scholarships provided by external organizations? 

A: For the “University of Malaya Student Financial Aid”, it is stated in T&C that you must be a registered student under Master(Full research) or Doctorate Program (Full research) for local and international. So if you are just an undergraduate (bachelor degree) student, then sorry you are not eligible to apply. 

So far, there is no scholarship provided by UM itself as I know. From external organizations there are still some that don’t require bonds like PPBU, Hong Leong Foundation, Kuok Foundation, and many more which need you to discover by yourself. Get more detail of scholarship info at Afterschool. Get more detail of past interview experience of scholarship at

We hope that these Q&A are insightful for you. Good luck and all the best!

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