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7. Can I apply um through UPU when I’m studying in private university?

A: Yes, there is a path for direct intake through UM website.

8. Is it legal to take more than one !No bond! scholarships? I know people might criticize me again but I am struggling to make ends meet.

A: It’s illegal. I met a person who got offered 2 scholarships. Both no bonding. In the end, he gave up one so he won’t have the risk of losing both scholarships and getting nothing. Every scholarship will have T&C that you cannot have any other form of financial assistance after u sign their contract. So it is not advisable to do so. If you still insist you need 2 scholarships, you can try to contact your scholarship manager and discuss further about it (providing reasons), if they approve then it’s legal, if they don’t allow then it’s fine at least you still have one. If you hide then you may be getting none.

9. Can you share some course changing experiences?

A: Sorry but I have very little info regarding this. One of my friends has been trying to change course in the same faculty during his year 1 but ended up failing. I heard it is harder if you want to change course inter-faculty. Except for one condition, which you found another person who wants to change course with you also (switch course), then it would be easier. Another option you have is through the direct intake, but first thing first, your finances must be strong to do so.

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