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4. Hiii may I know is it that we can only apply for a scholarship when we are in 2nd year? Any scholarship for 1st year student? What scholarship that we can apply as a year 1 student? Is that we need to use our sem 1 result to apply so must wait until that time?

A: No. There is a lot of scholarship out there open for 1st-year students. Other than JPA PIDN that requires your first-semester result, most scholarships are open to apply as long as you fulfill the T&C and it hasn’t passed the deadline. There are many such as Yayasan UEM Scholarship, Yayasan TSLSC-IOI group, Yayasan Khazanah, Yayasan Tenaga Nasional, Shell Malaysia Scholarship, Kuok Foundation, and many more. 

Some scholarships can be applied before starting your first year like Yayasan Tenaga Nasional, Hong Leong Foundation, and so on, all depends on what their requirement stated, it is not necessary to be a year 2 student to apply for a scholarship. If they don’t state the “minimum CGPA required for your first year undergraduate” in the academic requirement, then YES it is applicable for the first year using your pre-U result. Get more detail of scholarship info at Afterschool. Get more detail of past interview experience of scholarship at

5. After we get the scholarship, how should we notify um to claim fees from the scholarship?

A: It works like this, UM will issue an invoice (fees covered by the scholarships) to the company that sponsored you. You have to go to bahagian bendahari (located at Bangunan Peperiksaan) to let them see the scholarships offered. For my experience, I showed them my contract details.

6. How to score well in the interviews?

A: Well, it is actually quite random for scholarship questions. But there are some tricks to prepare too. Always try to make your answer feel more matured and try to know more global issues/news (sometimes they will ask). You can also prepare yourself with some common questions that will be asked such as (what is your strength/weakness, why do you choose the course that you are studying right now, how do you see yourself 10 years from now, why you need our scholarship and so on). This is to help you get prepared with your PERFECT answer so you won’t speak immature answers or behave panic when questioned. Refer to the tips to answer WEIRD questions by an interviewer at Aglowlife.

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