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1. May I please know are there any scholarships for Finance to apply currently?

A: There is a lot of scholarship out there open for finance students. Other than JPA PIDN that requires your first-semester result, most scholarships are open to apply as long as you fulfill the T&C and it hasn’t passed the deadline. For your career prospect, you can aim for scholarships offered by Bank Company related such as Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship, Yayasan Bank Rakyat, Agrobank Scholarship Award Programme, CIMB ASEAN Scholarship, OCBC Bank Scholarship, Hong Leong Foundation, and so on. These are fitting for your future job when you finish your degree and want to work with them/ bond with them.

For non-bank related scholarships, there are Yayasan UEM Scholarship, Yayasan TSLSC-IOI group, Yayasan Khazanah, Yayasan Tenaga Nasional, Shell Malaysia Scholarship, and many more. Get more detail of scholarship info at Afterschool. Get more detail of past interview experience of scholarship at

2. Hi, I just applied for a scholarship recently, and luckily I got the offer. However, I think I will apply for course changing (99.99%). Is it appropriate to accept the offer or just tell them the truth? Although the course changing is allowed, what if the authority didn’t accept it and consider my behavior is like wanting to break the bond? (got to pay back the whole amount plus 1% interest per year)

A: You should tell them first you are going to change course (which course you are changing to) and the reason for changing while applying for course changing. Most of the time they will tolerate you after knowing your reason. Especially when the course you are changing towards still fulfills their requirement of course when applying for the scholarship. However, they still have the right to take back the scholarship if the authority feels the course u are changing doesn’t meet their scholarship goal (career prospect of your new course does not align with their company. 

It is advisable from me that you should tell them about your course changing, as if they caught you changing course without notifying, you will still need to pay back all the money you get so far and some may even request interest payback of x% per year, which make you get nothing throughout the years and need payback extra for interest which is a loss. So it’s better to inform earlier even if they can’t accept thus reject your scholarship, it is still far more better than getting caught in the middle of course which you need to payback all the money you get and you can’t apply any other scholarship anymore when you are in the halfway of your course which is too late to apply for scholarship.

3. Saw kk3’s ig story that they wore matching colours e.g. red… And all wearing black formal wear(blazer, pants/skirt). May I ask that the outfit is sponsored or we had to find our own kain to match with?

A: You will get your shirts from your respective KK during the week of welcome (UM-WOW), it is included in your registration fees. No worries, all freshies will get the same one. Regarding black formal wear (blazer, pants/skirt), those apparels are on their own. No sponsor.

We hope that these Q&A are insightful for you. Good luck and all the best!

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