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Why you should have a scholarship for your higher education

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Entering university and college can be exciting and worrying at the same time. The excitement comes from knowing new friends, exploring another new environment, and many more.

But the other side can be worrying – what should I prepare before entering my higher education? To have more control of your university/college life and worry-free about your future, we strongly recommend you have a scholarship and below are the reasons.

Lessen family burden

This may sound old-fashioned but this is the top reason why people apply for scholarships. At the same time, most of the scholarships will list the range of family income to make you eligible to apply for the scholarship, most of them will target Bottom 40 (B40) families so that the company can contribute to the society by supporting the needy.

Try to imagine if you secure a scholarship that provides RM500 per month. Every month, your family can save RM500 to support your daily expenses and use the money in another area to improve the overall financial situation of the family. Be it buying necessary equipment, investing, or having healthier food.

Life at University or college will probably increase your expenses. You may think of getting more income streams to lessen your financial burden. There is certainly one easy way to help you with that: getting a scholarship. This is the easiest way to help you clear your problems in the financial area especially in the midst of the pandemic.

Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, most of the working space like restaurants, hotels, tourism areas are not allowed to operate to flatten the curve of the increasing cases. This directly impacts the jobs of our elder family members. Some may get laid off, some may not be able to open the store and get consistent income like the time before the pandemic.

According to some research, the vaccine of the virus will come out within 12 to 18 months. Meaning that humans need to stay in this fighting mode until the end of the pandemic for at least 1 year!

Until here, you should have realized that our lifestyle has changed. From the way we have classes to the way we greet. COVID-19 has changed human behaviors. Have a look at the below news.

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● From @businessweek: Wuhan's life after lockdown isn't business as usual.⠀ ⠀ ● After more than two months of being confined to their homes, most of Wuhan’s 11 million residents are now free to venture out, with infections dwindling from thousands of new cases a day in mid-February to just a handful a week. But for restaurant owner Xiong Fei, the end of the lockdown in the Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic began hasn’t brought relief, just a new set of challenges.⠀ ⠀ ● While factories around Wuhan are working around the clock to get back up to speed, the recovery of consumer-focused businesses such as Xiong’s won’t be so straightforward. Although people are cautiously taking to the streets again, they remain subject to curbs on their movements aimed at keeping the virus at bay. Residents are encouraged to stay home and still must have their temperatures checked before entering any building. In other words, it’s far from business as usual, stoking fears among small businesspeople like Xiong that the lockdown has changed customers’ behavior, maybe for good. “People in the past dined out with their colleagues in their lunch hour, now they’re all getting lunchboxes,” he says, sitting in a booth at an empty Sichuan restaurant he operates. “They’re more likely to cook at home than go out.”⠀ ⠀ ● Read the full story by clicking the link in our bio.⠀ ⠀ ● Photo: @gillessabrie

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The people will not change their behaviors even if the city has ended the lockdown! So if your family is affected by this pandemic, getting a scholarship will surely lessen the family burden and help your family to get through this “war”.

Extra pocket money

Admit this: we are teenagers. We are teenagers with the needs of better technology equipment, for example, higher resolution phones, better performance laptops, or better sound quality headphones.

Before securing a scholarship, you may feel guilty for spending a considerably large amount of money on this equipment or you just resist looking at the coolest gadget in the display case.

But you suddenly remember that you have saved some money from your scholarship by spending only a small amount of it.

Now you can buy your dream gadget or equipment, without any guiltiness. This is just an example. Basically you can buy anything you want!

Having a better life is everybody’s dream. You are now closer to the life that you have dreamed of. Just because you have paid efforts to get this scholarship. If there is a chance to better your life, why not give it a try?

Secure an internship program and a job after graduation

Even the 2 benefits above seem appealing, but you need to know you are not getting the scholarship for free.

Getting a scholarship offer always indicates that you are bonded with that scholarship provider organization after your graduation. This may seem restricting, but let’s see this the other way around: many people are going to find a job after their graduation, some may not be able to secure a job.

The unemployment rate in Malaysia
The unemployment rate in Malaysia

But now you have your scholarship program which gives you a job to work in their company! You are free from the worries about how to get a job.

Apart from that, every company that provides a scholarship for sure has a good financial status. If not, what company will give out money to a random university student with an uncertain future 4 years before the return of the investment? (Most of the courses require 4 years to complete.)

So be rest assured. The job the company provides you mostly will be a decent job. At the same time, you will be exposed to a pretty pressure working environment which can help you in growth and your career, because the company wants to get the most from the money they invested in you.

This may sound scary but the idea is hard times make you strong. At the end of the day, you will appreciate what you have chosen.


To wrap things up, these are the 3 reasons why you should get a scholarship during your higher education.

  • Lessen family burden
  • Have extra pocket money
  • Secure an internship program and a job after graduation

I hope that this article will provide some insight about scholarship to you. If you find this article useful, please share with your friends or family! And all the best!

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