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How to score 4.0 in Malaysia Matriculation Programme

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Although the Malaysia Matriculation Programme syllabus is simpler compared to other Pre-U programs. Some students will miss their A as the timetable is very packed. Matriculation life is also hustling with events. Some students take time to adapt to hostel life, food styles, etc. 

Aside from having lecturers that will feed you with useful homework and notes, you can score “4 flat” easily if you follow the steps below and build your academic plan based on it.

Firstly, I know that many SPM students use the Oxford Fajar SPM reference book and get a good result. However, it is not necessary to use that reference book as studying based on it is very time-consuming and some of the information insides are out of syllabus and would not come out in the exam.

Example of Matriculation reference book:

The two main study materials are lecture notes and tutorial questions. But if you are lucky enough, your tutorial lecturer will give you past year questions sets made by him or her and other lecturers. If you do not get the past year questions sets, you are highly encouraged to buy past year questions books as below.

There are two types of past year questions books, one is arranged according to chapter, another one is according to year. Most people prefer the first one, but if you prefer the later, why not?

Your lecturer might not give you the tutorial questions but you can borrow it from your friends to have a photocopy.

Steps to score:

  1. Take your time to understand the whole lecture note in detail
  2. You can either choose to do tutorial questions as fundamental practice OR you can choose to read the past year questions books and further understands the theory of lecture note
  3. There will be repeated format questions in the book, do 2 to 3 questions for each format so your brain memorizes it. (That is how you train yourself when there is no tuition teacher train you)
  4. There are some crazy questions that one cannot solve if he or she has never seen it before (death question). Remember to mark down the page with sticky notes as the picture above so that you can have a look before going into the exam hall. (Those are the questions that differ A and B)
  5. Lastly, remember to consult your lecturers whenever you have any questions, jot it down, and ask them. Also, you have to check the solution steps that will give you marks so you will not waste your time during the exam.

For Science Stream students, in terms of lab tests, make sure you consult your lecturers and ask for the important steps that allocated a high mark. Confirm all your inquiries with your lecturer before going into a lab test. Try to ask for a mark tabulation sheet. Try to ask your friend that has done the test. But sometimes their explanation might be different from your lecturer’s so remember to follow your lecturer’s steps as they are the one who evaluates you.

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!

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