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How to Earn Money as a Student in Malaysia

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Life after secondary school is almost as if you’re living in a small society. Once you started your higher education journey, as an adult, you’ll have most of the control over what you spend on. Sometimes you’ll try to earn some extra money to fulfill your personal needs or you just try to lessen the family burden.

Hence in this post, we would like to show you a list of methods to earn money as a student. Find the one that you’re comfortable with!

Get a Job

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The most ancient method to get you paid is getting a normal job. Be it part-time or full-time, you’ll get paid a fixed amount of money based on your current status: are you a graduate? Do you have a certain background in that particular field?

We understand that most of the industries are laying off employees due to the current pandemic. The key is finding the industries that get more leverage in this global crisis i.e. wholesales, information technology, and content marketing. This is because these industries selling necessities or it’s a tool to connect people when they are being quarantined.

Below are some unconventional jobs you may miss out.

Become a Online Tutor

If you have a good academic result and are confident that you can teach others without trouble, then you should consider being an online tutor to earn some extra money.

But again, we are discouraged to meet face-to-face with others. So, to be a tutor, there’s a fair chance that you’ll need to use online platforms or tools to keep you connect with your students.

Platforms available include TeachMe and TeacherOn.

Become a Delivery Rider or Driver

Do you have a license in driving cars or riding motorcycles? If the answer is YES, you can register to be a delivery rider or driver. Don’t forget to get the necessary documents or licenses i.e. PSV license(You’ll need to attend training & exam) to get you into the team!

Examples include GrabDriver, GrabExpress, FoodPanda, and so on.

Become a Translator

If you are bilingual or multilingual, probably you can write in a different language as well. To get a translator job, you’ll need to pass the test to prove your ability in translating.

Become a Teaching Assistant or Demonstrators

In several courses, you may get a chance to be an assistant or demonstrator if you score well in specific subjects. If you get the offer from your lecturers, you’ll need to contribute a few hours per week to teach juniors. You’ll not only get a fair amount of money, but also the connection with more people in your university.

Get an Internship

Do you have the stereotype that only second-year or third-year students can apply for an internship? You probably wrong!

Before that, let’s admit this:

Compared to your third-year seniors(If you’re younger than them), you have less expertise in your course and less experience in solving any real-world problems. BUT…

As long as you have a certain level of expertise(the depth of knowledge varies among courses) and more importantly, you have the passion and correct attitudes, you’ve already outperformed most of them.

Tidy up your resume and CV, list your achievements and the events you’ve joined. Show your appreciation by writing a cover letter.


If you search the term “freelancing in malaysia”, you’ll have a list of options for you to start this amazing business.

The reward of the job could vary from RM100 to RM10,000 depends on the type of the project. Here are some examples from freelancing.my:

List of latest project available from freenlancing.my
Source: freelancing.my

In Malaysia, some of the reliable platforms include freelancing.myupwork.com or Fiverr.

Here’s one detailed guide on how you should start your journey in freelancing.

Make YouTube Videos

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Let us show you some stats. As the leading video streaming platform in the world, YouTube has 30 million active users per day and 2 billion users globally to date. There are 5 billion videos watched on YouTube per day. In Malaysia, we have 17 million users, imagine you only get 0.001% of users to subscribe to your channel, you’ll have 17 thousand subscribers!

If you can make interesting and demanding videos continuously, this option definitely should be in your consideration.

Or do you have any expert-level knowledge in a certain area? If yes, you can make a youtube channel to teach others in that field and at the same time, earn some extra money.

Making YouTube videos sounds easy. In fact, depending on the genre of your channel, the skills might include video editing, photoshop skill, research skill, YouTube analytics, and so forth. The most significant limitation for beginners to earn money on YouTube is you must get at least 1,000 subscribers in order to put ads in your video a.k.a. earn money.

But fret not, you still can earn money via methods like utilizing membership subscription platform(i.e. Patreon) or advertise your own product or service on your channel to convert your viewers into buyers.

The only caveat is that even a 5-year-old kid can make YouTube videos and put it on the platform, so you can expect the market is “red oceans” and you’ll need some competitive edge to help you winning the game.

Short-term Earning

Mobile phone recycling

broken phones

Do you have old phones and ready to dispose of them? Here’s a way to convert your old phones to some cash!

We found the app ‘InstaCash’ which is one of the popular options in Malaysia. After downloading the App, you can choose to log in via phone number or google. The app will assess the phone with that registered phone number and the quote is based on several standards. The standards include Connectivity, Camera, Audio, Sensors, Screen, Hardware, and Finger Print sensor.

We test the app with Vivo Y11 phone, the phone passes all the tests. In the end, we get a final quote of RM140.

Buy and sell Domain Name

Do you know you can earn money by buying and selling domain name? Before that, do you know what is domain name?

A domain name is a string that identifies an IP address on the Internet. For example, AglowLife.com is a domain name.

The chance in this business is that you found a rare domain name, you buy the domain name then sell it on different platforms with a higher price. Voila!

There is something that you should take note: you’ll need a long time to identify the true value of the domain names so you won’t end up buying a profitless domain name.

The tip is you should always start with the area you are very good at. To know about this business, we suggest you search more about “buy and sell domain name” on any search engine you preferred.

Always chose the trusted and well-known platforms to sell your domains so you won’t fall prey to any scam.

Sell old stuff

Have some clothes in your wardrobe but the size doesn’t fit? No longer use the stuff you bought from Shopee? You can find a marketplace to sell your old stuff. In Malaysia, one of the most famous platforms is Carousell, Lowyat.NET, Lelong.com.my.

According to the platform, the types of item can include

  • Toys & Games
  • Health & Beauty
  • Electronics
  • Babies & Kids
  • Books & Stationery
  • and many more!

As long as the product is in good condition, you can sell it at a fair high price.

The mode of delivery usually consist of 2 types:

  • Meet-up to deal
  • Normal mail

You can discuss with the buyer to see which option suits both parties best.

Plan Ahead

Before you start picking any jobs or choose any method listed here, you should make a thorough investigation of the platform you’re going to use. The Internet can help you to earn some extra cash but she may cost you money if you’re careless.

There’s not fast cash on earth, please be wary of scam on the Internet, sometimes the information can be misleading. Apart from that, don’t disclose your personal information to any untrustable websites.

I hope this post lets you know the options that can earn you some money. Happy earning!

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