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9 Free Powerful Chrome Extension to boost your productivity

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According to recent browser market share, we can notice that the browser developed by Google – Chrome is getting more leverage in the global browser market while the sum of the market share of other browsers can’t even beat Chrome alone!

Assuming that you are using Chrome or you would like to know more about the ubiquitous Chrome, AglowLife would like to introduce a bunch of useful Chrome extensions to pave your way along your higher education journey.

Cite This For Me: Web Citer

Having trouble to copy the link of different websites then paste it in reference generator website to get the reference for your assignment?

With just literally 1-click, you can generate reference of any website or online resource in the APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard referencing styles.

Not only that, you can add the reference generated into your online bibliography for future use. Awesome!

To cite other types of resources, like books, journals, and newspapers from the creator’s main tool at

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Worrying your articles contain grammar mistakes? Grammarly comes to the rescue!

Grammarly Chrome Extension is the best tool to use when you’re typing on your devices. The auto-checking feature will save your time to copy-paste the whole text to any random grammar checking website. Other than that, the error-highlighting and the flexibility to correct the error on the spot show you the instant result after the correction.

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Google Dictionary

In this modern era, you might come through plenty of websites per day. Most of the websites contain text to bring the richness of content to their users. At some point, you may wonder what is the meaning of certain words or not sure how to pronounce the word. This Chrome Extension can help!

By double-clicking the word, you have access to the definition of the word and you can play the pronunciation of the word. Voilà!

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Block & Focus

The Internet brings you the ability to access any websites in the world, but this can be troublesome. Assume that you are working on some work but the social media websites button might appear somewhere but you unintentionally click the icon. Boom. 30 minutes gone.

This extension lets you specify the websites that you want to restrict your access to(they come with a default list of social media websites too). You can set up how long you want to block your access and how long is the break between the restriction. Apart from that, they have settings available for you to set up for how long do you want to have a longer break.

When you try to access blocked websites, they will show you motivational quotes instead. You can disable this setting as well to let the extension shows you a clear blank page.

Chrome Extension Link

Highlight it

Reading lengthy article but can’t highlight the text as you wish on physical book? This extension can help!

Just click the extension when you want to use the highlight feature on any website. If you wish to clear the highlight, just highlight the text again.

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At some point in your life, you may encounter some stupid websites that make the font size so small until you’ll need a microscope to read the text.

This Chrome extension can instantly adjust the font size, color, background color, font type, and so on within a few clicks. You also can remove the media(picture, video) from the on the small dashboard of the extension.

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Enough is the day that you share a random lengthy link to your friends! This extension shortens your lengthy link so that it can be easily recognized.

To make customised shorten link, you’ll need to upgrade the Bitly account.

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If you are the kind of person who looking for faster reading speed, this is the right extension to use.

Spreed display the text in flashing frame like you’re ‘watching’ text.

Based on the overview of the extension:

Spreed works by utilizing a visual technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP, used by the fastest speed readers in the world. Spreed helps you eliminate your inner voice that sounds each word out–known as “subvocalization”–and too much focus on the words themselves, so that you can read more visually, which means faster reading while maintaining comprehension.

Chrome Extension Link

Save to Google Drive

The name of the Chrome extension itself is self-explanatory. When you want to save online content to your Drive, you’ll just need to right-click the content and select ‘Save to Google Drive’! You can save images, links, and other media.

Chrome Extension Link

To explore more free extensions, click this link.

We hope that these Chrome extensions can save your time and make those complex process a breeze. Good luck!

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