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PTPTN(Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional) or National Higher Education Fund Corporation, is one of the popular loans in Malaysia. While the agency is under the Ministry of Education Malaysia, the advantage of applying PTPTN is that if you achieve a First Class Honours for your Degree, the loan may be converted into scholarship! In other words, you get the funding for free!

PTPTN Terms and Condition

  • You must be a Malaysian citizen
  • You are 45-year-old and below
  • You must already have an offer to study at any higher learning institutions (both public and private institutions, including colleges, universities, and polytechnics)
  • The course that you are pursuing is approved and accredited by MQA. Click here to check if your course is approved.
  • The course must have the approval from the Ministry of Education(Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia, KPM) and registered under PTPTN(Refer to the table below)
  • The remaining period of your study must not be less than one year
  • You have no other sponsors in the form of scholarship or loan
  • You must have an SSPN-i or SSPN-i Plus savings account

Only 15 digits SSPN-i account number eligible for the application of PTPTN.

Full-Time DiplomaIPTA, Polytechnic dan IPTS
Part-Time DiplomaIPTA, Polytechnic dan IPTS***
Long Distance Course(Diploma PJJ a.k.a. Pengajian Jarak Jauh)IPTA
Advanced Diploma(Diploma Lanjutan)IPTA dan Polytechnic
Full-Time DegreeIPTA dan IPTS
Part-Time DegreeIPTA dan IPTS***
Full-Time/Part-Time/Long Distance BachelorIPTA
Full-Time/Part-Time/Long Distance PhDIPTA
Full-Time/Part-Time/Long Distance Professional CourseIPTA
Note: The loan only eligible for IPTS*** students from UNITEM, UNITAR, Wawasan Open University and Asia E University.


  1. Open SSPN-i account
  2. Buy BSN pin number
  3. Login into official PTPTN website to fill in the details
  4. Prepare supporting documents
  5. Receive an email specifying what documents you need to prepare, print it and fill in
  6. Submit the documents to PTPTN officers and wait for the loan to bank-in into your account

1. Open SSPN-i account 🏦

SSPN Account

  • Note that the SSPN-i account is different from your savings account. SSPN (or Skim Simpanan Pendidikan Nasional) is a savings scheme by PTPTN for higher education. You must have an SSPN-i account in order to apply for your PTPTN loan.
  • Start from 2012, all PTPTN applicants must have SSPN account to apply PTPTN
  • There are 3 ways to open SSPN-i account
    1. Online registration. Click here.
    2. PTPTN Counter
    3. SSPN-i agent counter
  • Applicants can create an SSPN account with minimum RM20 in Maybank/Bank Rakyat/RHB Bank/Bank Islam/Agrobank

Saving Account at Panel Bank

According to your institution, the associated panel bank may be different. For example, University of Malaya students need to open Bank Islam Account to receive the loan. To check your institution’s panel bank, check the SEMAKAN JADUAL PERMOHONAN DAN BAYARAN PINJAMAN official page out.

Search “Universiti Putra Malaysia” then click the course. The page will show the panel bank for particular institution.

Here is a list of panel banks and their corresponding universities:

Maybank – USM


Bank Muamalat – IIUM, UTHM


Public Bank – TAR University College

2. Buy BSN pin number #️⃣

Applicants can purchase a PIN number for RM5 from any BSN bank in three ways

  • Counter
  • ATM
  • Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)
  • Online

If you buy a PIN number using an ATM or CDM, you need to have your own personal BSN Giro/Giro i saving account. The receipt of purchasing pin number will contain the information needed for online application(date, time, pin number etc), make sure to keep it!

The maximum validity period of the PIN number is six months. The validity period starts from the date of purchase and until you apply online.

3. Login into official PTPTN website to fill in the details 🌐

Login to PTPTN website to fill below information.

  1. Applicant information:
    PTPTN will email you the result of the application and important documents to the applicant. The applicant must fill in a valid email address.
  1. Parents/Guardians information:
    The guardian can be non-biological parents
  1. Applicant’s Course Information
    • Student ID: Your NO. MATRIK
    • Mod Pengajian: Sepenuh masa
    • Tahap Pengajian: Ijazah Pertama Sepenuh Masa
    • Tarikh Mula Pengajian: Follow the check-in date on the offer letter
  1. Applicant academic qualification information
  2. After filling all the details
    • The applicant has unlimited KEMAS KINI attempt in official website BUT
    • If you click Ya in Pengesahan Permohonan to submit, you are unable to make any changes
    • After that, the applicant need to print out this document as MAKLUMAT PERMOHONAN PEMBIAYAAN

4. Prepare PTPTN Supporting Documents 📄

  • Parents that do not have salary slip/ jobless, need to have BORANG PENGESAHAN PENDAPATAN as proof
  • Use A4 paper to print out every set of supporting documents, prepare one set for PTPTN officers.
  • The order of documents arrangement must base on Senarai Semak Document

Applicant needs to go to the post office to buy 2 pieces of RM10 SETEM HASIL, TOTAL = RM20

5. Receive an email specifying what documents you need to prepare 📮

Print the relevant documents and fill them up:

  1. Senarai semak dokumen
  2. Surat tawaran pembiayaan pendidikan
    • akuan penerimaan
    • surat kebenaran 1,2,3,4 (mengikut yang berkenaan)
  1. Dokumen Perjanjian Pembiayaan Pendidikan (the 2 setem hasil is used here)
  2. Dokumen Lampiran Pembiayaan Pendidikan


  • Applicant need to prepare 2 sets of documents in b) c) and d)
  • The first set must be printed from the computer while the second set can be photocopied from the first set. Both sets require the student’s signature and “disaksi”.
  • Document printed must be A4 Size (80gsm only) white paper.
  • Each paper must print just on one side of the paper.
  • The applicant can only use blue or black ball pen to fill out the form but must make sure that only one color is used only
  • All documents must be printed on white A4 paper with black ink, and on one side only. Only write and sign in legible, capital letters. It is suggested only to use black ballpoint pen to write and sign.
  • If you misspelled or there is an error in writing, the applicant must correct the error using strikethrough, then sign beside the correction. (Warning: Please don’t use the correction fluid a.k.a. liquid paper, or else the documents will be invalid.)
  • you can “matikan” the Revenue Stamps (Setem Hasil) at the Pejabat Lembaga Hasil/ Pejabat Tanah Daerah
  • Or the applicant can paste the Revenue Stamp at the agreement, directly submit it, the PTPTN will “matikan” for you

5. Submit the documents to PTPTN officers and wait for the loan to bank-in into your account 🎉

You can submit the documents during the document submission day. In other words, there will be governors who come to your institution to collect all the PTPTN documents from every applicant in your institution.

The amount you will get 💰

100% Loan = the applicant/parents/guardians is the BSH recipient

75% Loan = non-BSH recipient, total family income not exceeds RM8000

50% Loan = non-BSH recipient, total family income exceeds RM8000

Private Institutions

Education Level Household Income
Foundation RM6,800RM5,100RM3,400
Diploma RM6,800RM5,100RM3,400
Diploma (Pharmacy, Dentistry & Health Science) RM12,750RM9,560RM6,380
Degree (Science) RM14,030RM10,520RM7,010
Degree (Humanities) RM13,600RM10,200RM6,800
Degree (Pharmacy, Dentistry & Health Science) RM17,000RM12,750RM8,510
Degree (Medicine) RM50,000*RM37,500*RM30,000*
For Private Institutions, Postgraduate (Masters, PhD) and Professional Courses (e.g. ACCA) are not eligible to apply PTPTN.

Public Institutions, Polytechnic and Community College

Education LevelHousehold Income
Degree (Science)RM6,650RM4,990RM3,330
Degree (Humanities)RM6,180RM4,630RM3,090
Postgraduate (Master’s Degree)RM9,500RM7,130RM4,750
Postgraduate (PhD)RM24,700RM18,530RM12,350
Professional Courses (e.g. ACCA)RM5,700RM4,280RM2,850
Information for courses such as Degree (Medicine), Degree (Pharmacy, Dentistry & Health Science), Foundation is not available on the official website page.

Loan Payback related Information:

1) Interest rate of 1% for PTPTN loan

PTPTN loans are subject to a flat rate interest of 1% (or ujrah, a syariah-compliant “fee” to help with the administrative and management costs of PTPTN).

Sample calculation:


Based on the calculation, the interest you pay each month on your PTPTN loan is only RM33.33, which is extremely low compared to loans offered by banks and credit facilities.

If you settle your entire loan amount within 12 months after completing your studies, you will not incur the 1% interest/ujrah. You only need to pay back what you borrowed. (without any interest)

2) Paying back of PTPTN starting from 12 months after graduation

Your repayment period starts 12 months after you complete your studies.
PTPTN may or may not be sending you any instruction letters, so do be responsible and alert about paying your study loan based on your repayment schedule.
The loan repayment period will depend on how much you borrowed. Here is an indicative summary table.
Do not worry if you are facing difficulties with making repayments as PTPTN is always open for negotiations to restructure your loan repayment. Just head to the nearest PTPTN branch to negotiate for a more favorable repayment rate.

expected total month to pay back

3) Check how much you owe to PTPTN

Click this official PTPTN page to know how much balance you still owe PTPTN.
First, Fill in the blank your NRIC.
Next, fill in again your NRIC along with the corresponding PTPTN website password you set.

4) PTPTN loan is convertible to a scholarship

If you complete your Degree with First Class Honours and your family household income is in the B40 or M40 group, you will be exempted from paying back your PTPTN loan, which means you essentially received a full scholarship!

Do note however that First Class Honours may differ from university to university. Make sure you check with your counselors/ faculty. Generally, First Class Honours typically requires you to have at least a CGPA of 3.67 or higher.

5) Consequences of not paying back your PTPTN loan !

The rise of PTPTN defaulters (people who fail to pay up their loans) over the past few years has resulted in the government imposing a series of measures to deter borrowers from defaulting.

Although some of these measures like the travel ban have been lifted, the blacklisting of PTPTN defaulters in the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) is still ongoing. CCRIS is a system that stores financial information on Malaysian borrowers and is used by banks to determine if you are a good or bad borrower.

Being blacklisted on CCRIS is a serious matter
, as this could mean that you will likely be rejected immediately whenever you apply for credit cards, home loans, or personal loans. As such, it is crucial that you do not default on your PTPTN loan.

6) Minimum GPA of 2.0 to maintain your PTPTN loan

To ensure that you continuously receive funds from PTPTN during your studies, you must ensure that you achieve at least GPA of 2.0 at all times.

If at any time your GPA is less than 2.0, you will not receive PTPTN funds for that particular semester. If your grades improve in the subsequent semester and you raise your GPA to above 2.0, your loan disbursements will be reinstated.

frequently asked question


  1. How many bank accounts do we need to create?
    • Every university will fix its students to create a bank saving account to facilitate financial management. Then, every PTPTN applicant needs to have an SSPN-i bank account. After PTPTN is approved, the loan will be transferred into your bank savings account. E.g. UM PTPTN applicant can withdraw the money from their panel bank – Bank Islam account.
  2. Does DOKUMEN SOKONGKAN need to be certified?
    • No, but the certified documents are still acceptable.
  3. How to convert PTPTN to a free loan repayment?
    • Graduate with First Class Honour might get a chance to not pay back the loan as long as your family falls into the B40 and M40 group. You need to apply for this.
  4. All the documents of PTPTN need to be printed using 80gsm A4 paper?
    • Yes, all documents must be printed in 80gsm A4 paper.
  5. What if I cannot attend PTPTN document submission day?
    • University students can send the documents to BAHAGIAN HAL EHWAL PELAJAR and let them submit the document to the PTPTN officer.
    • Or you can go to any PTPTN counter to submit your documents.
  6. What if my parents/guardians do not have a salary slip?
    • You can go to PTPTN official website to download BORANG PENGESAHAN PENDAPATAN.
  7. When can I “Matikan Setem Hasil”?
    • Please complete all the documents before MATIKAN SETEM HASIL, the incomplete document will be rejected.
  8. What is the benefit of opening SSPN-i account?
    • One of the benefits is the protection of Takaful, the insurance company. Just in case the borrower of PTPTN(That is, you) die, your family will not need to pay the PTPTN debt.
  9. Where can I get help?
    • Feel free to contact PTPTN Careline 03-2193 3000 or you can check the official website out.

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!

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