You don’t want to miss these interview preparation tips

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Before the interview:

  • Make sure all your photocopied certificates have been certified as well as your parents’ ‘salary slip’, ‘salary confirmation letter’, and other similar documents.
  • Make sure everything is ready at least 3 days before the interview to avoid panic and have enough time for any last-minute emergency.

For a certified copy, some organizations may prepare an authorized person to certify it on the spot, so do bring the original document on the interview day. (Some may not have, ask them if you really missed out to certify any documents on that day)

  • Each year, the interview assessment most probably is a repetition of the previous years’. So try to find more information from the Internet!
  • Prepare and practice the assessment that you think is relevant and will be repeated for your interview.
  • You can find more information on https://www.aglowlife.com/scholarships/
  • Read some up-to-date news and information related to your domain. Interviewers may ask you to share some to show your interest in your course!
  • Iron your clothes before the interview.
  • DO NOT wear jeans or T-shirt. It is very improper for an interview and was considered disrespecting the interview.
  • Do refer to their dress code in the email.
  • Some interviews are held in different phases. You might have friends who had their interviews before yours. Try to ask for information from them. Sharing is caring.
  • Go to the interview venue early(Although current time is unlikely to have face-to-face interviews due to COVID-19).
  • Engage with other candidates/group members while waiting for your turn. You might get into the same university as them in the future. Who knows? Make some friends! This helps release some stress as well.
  • Know your group members before entering the interview room if possible. This helps to reduce awkwardness during the discussion.

During the interview:

  • Knock the door before entering the interview room.
  • Put up a smile. This gives a good and positive impression on others.
  • Don’t sit before the interviewers’ instruction.
  • Sit up straight. DO NOT slouch. DO NOT cross your legs.
  • Have eye-contact with the interviewers!
  • Be alert at all times. Listen to the interviewer(s) attentively.
  • Be confident! You are shortlisted because of your achievements. Now is the time to tell them your story along the journey.
  • DO NOT fake your achievements! Be yourself. You lose your integrity while you try to lie.
  • Speak more. Do not let other people speak for nearly 5 times when you’ve only spoken once. But speaking more doesn’t mean you should blast all your ideas during the interview. Be tolerant and give other people a chance to speak as well. 
  • DO NOT dominate the discussion. If you do, your chances of being liked by the interviewer are very low.

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