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Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship Interview Experience

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Basic Info of Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship and Company

  • Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship is a scholarship for Public Universities/Colleges only. It is offered by Wah Seong Corporation Berhad (WSCB), an international oil and gas and industrial services conglomerate through its Foundation, Yayasan Wah Seong (YWS) as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • They insisted on contributing back to society by giving a substantial amount of money to students that have financial problems, especially the Bottom 40% category (B40).

Value/Amount given:

  • Not exceeding RM9000 per year

Bonding period:

  • No (You will not be bonded to the corporation)

Advantage of taking this scholarship/Extra benefits:

  • Since it does not require bonding, so it does not provide an enrichment program. But you will be added into a WhatsApp group where you get to know a lot of seniors from your university and you can ask for their help. There will be a lunch/dinner for the scholars to interact with each other.

Time range to apply:

  • Start of April until End of May (Varies every year)


The Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship interview questions are mostly about your family background and more likely to your financial abilities. It will vary among each interviewee. E.g. : Where you come from? What is your parents’ occupation?

Instead of saying it is an interview, it is more to a conversation to know your family’s financial background.

There will be two stages for the interview and both of them will be done on the same day.

First Stage:

You will be given your time slot and date along with the other three interviewees. There will be one interviewer for this stage only. It will start with a simple introduction among four interviewees while the interviewers check your documents on the spot. There might be some simple chit chat in this chat. Just take it easy.

Then, they will ask you to write a short essay about your family. The title depends on you. No worries about grammar mistakes, just make sure it can be understood. It is recommended to write more on topics that enable them to know your family background more. You can also write about some sad incident that happened to your family (if have).

The interviewees will decide among them for their order of interview for the second stage. While waiting for your turn, you can take this chance to interact with other interviewees.

Second Stage:

There will be two interviewers for this stage. One will review your essay and one will ask the interview questions mentioned above. Make sure you talk honestly and let them know more about your family.

All your information will be recorded and will be passed to the higher board of selection later. Lastly, they will take a photo of you to show to the BOD of Yayasan Wah Seong for further selection.

After they filter down to the last 7 to 10 scholars, they will pay a visit to your house to confirm your family’s financial situation. So, do not lie about your financial situation 🙂 The interviewer from last time will keep contacting you to keep you updated once you pass their selection.

For students that need financial support, I highly recommend you apply for this scholarship as needy students will be given priority. For your information, the board of selection of the Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship will only select students that have financial problems for further studies.

So, for those students who target this scholarship as extra pocket money, application on this scholarship may just be a waste of time and effort.

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!


All information stated here is based on the experience of previous years’ interviewees. For more accurate and latest application detail, please refer to the official website. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of https://www.aglowlife.com/

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