Yayasan UEM Scholarship (For SPM Leavers)

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Basic Info of scholarship and company

Yayasan UEM provides the opportunity for Malaysia’s youth to pursue undergraduate studies at foreign universities. UEM scholarship not only covers academic tuition fees and various allowances but they also provide development programmes ranging from communications to leadership as well as analytical/critical thinking because their aim is to nurture a holistic, successful individual.

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Undergo a pre-university program at Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) in Lembah Beringin, before furthering studies at renowned top international universities.

Value/Amount given

The scholarship covers academic expenses including tuition and examination fees, insurance, laptop, subsistence allowance, and allocation for books as well as study-related equipment.

Bonding period

Scholars attending local universities will have a 3-year bond

Scholars attending international universities will have a 5-year bond.

Advantage of taking this scholarship/Extra benefits

Attend Pre-U program (A-Level) at KYUEM. A prestigious office laptop will be given to student.

Time range to apply

Application was opened starting 5 March 2020 until 23 March for 2020


Field of Study

  • Business (Finance/Business Management/Accounting/Economics)
  • Engineering (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical)
  • IT and Computer Related (Computer Science, Computer System, and Networking, Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Engineering)
  • Actuarial Science


  • All applicants must be Malaysian citizens, proficient in English, hardworking, and possess positive personality traits. An outstanding extra-curricular record will be advantageous to your application.
  • Excellent academic track record in Form 4 & 5
  • Obtained a minimum of 7As (A+/A’s) in relevant subjects in SPM examinations
terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • The applicant must have a good command of written and spoken English
  • The applicant must not be bonded to other institutions or organizations
  • The successful applicant shall not apply and/or accept any other scholarships or forms of financial aid from other sources while his/her agreement with Yayasan UEM is still in force
  • The successful applicant, upon graduation, shall be bonded to Yayasan UEM, a maximum of 5 years
  • The successful applicants are subject to (i) the terms and conditions stated in the scholarship and bond agreement, which the successful applicants and respective guarantors are required to enter an agreement with Yayasan UEM; and (ii) pass a medical examination
  • Each applicant is to bear all cost incurred in the course of applying for this scholarship
  • UEM Group and Yayasan UEM shall not be responsible or liable for any problem, loss, or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by the applicant(s) due to any delay and/or failure in submitting his/her application online as a result of any network, communication or system error, interruption and/or failure experienced by the applicant’s internet service provider and/or by UEM Group
  • All matters relating to application and decision made on the Yayasan UEM Scholarship Programme is final. Further correspondence will not be entertained.
  • All applicants are to complete the application form and to submit it online before the closing date
  • Shortlisted candidates will be notified for an interview
  • Shortlisted applicants must bring his/her original certificates during the interview
Who are eligible to apply for the Yayasan UEM Scholarship?

All Malaysian citizens are eligible to apply. Other criteria are as follows:
-Outstanding extra-curricular record
-Proficient in English, hardworking, and possess positive personality traits
Scholarship For STPM/Matriculation/Foundation
-Form 5 students who had obtained a minimum of 7As (A+/A’s) in relevant subjects in the SPM examination

What does the scholarship cover?

The Scholarship covers academic expenses including tuition and examination fees, insurance, laptop, subsistence allowance and allocation for books as well as study-related equipment (for non-business students)

Does Yayasan UEM accept manual application?

No. Only online application will be entertained.

Am I allowed to switch my area of study?

Yes, but only with written approval from Yayasan UEM.

If I am awarded the scholarship, can I accept additional financial assistance from other organisations?

No. Successful applicant shall not apply and/or accept any other scholarships or forms of financial aid from other sources while his/her agreement with Yayasan UEM is still in force. However financial or other assistance received from the likes of Welfare Department does not fall under this category.

Is there any bond? For how long?

Yes. Scholars attending local universities will have a 3-year bond while those attending international universities will have a 5-year bond.

If I need more clarification on the scholarship, who can I call?

Enquiries can be directed to ([email protected]) or contact (03-2727 6850 / 6511 / 6439)

How do I know that UEM has received my application?

 After you click the ‘Submit’ button, you will receive a confirmation email.

What other documents must I submit with my application? Do I need to submit my transcripts, certifications, and application form by mail?

No. You are not required to submit any documents. The supporting documents are only needed during the interview session.

I have just submitted my application online. Can I edit/review the application again?

 Yes, you can edit/review your application by clicking at ‘Review’ button before closing date. However, once you click SUBMIT, no more changes can be made to your application form.

I received an error message during/after submitting my application. What should I do?

The error could be due to slow/intermittent internet connection or peak usage hours. The following actions can be taken:
-Copy and paste the error message text and codes and send it to [email protected]; OR
-Save the screen capture of the error message and send it to the above email.

When can I check my application status?

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by phone. If you do not hear from us after 2 months, your application is deemed unsuccessful.

Interview Experience

The interview consisted of 2 stages that both interviews will be held on different day but at the same place, which is Mercu UEM.

1st Stage

The first stage duration is around 6 days where approximately 110 candidates have shortlisted for this stage. Each day the interview was conducted, there will be morning and evening sessions where each session consisted of approximately 10 candidates. After being guided from the lobby to the specific level for interview purposes, the facilitators start asking for documents listed in the email. Next, we were given a verbal and numerical test for a duration of 30 minutes. Do take this test seriously as it is an entrance exam for KYUEM.

A short refreshment is prepared for us after the assessment. As usual, typical Malaysian breakfast such as Char Kuey Tiao, fried noodle, and some kuih-muih with hot milk tea. Then, each candidate takes their turn to go into the interview room. Below are some of the questions asked:

  • Tell me about yourself: Name, siblings, previous school, family, ethnicity, hobbies, interests, and e.t.c. From your answer, they will try to ask other questions.
  • Some interviewers will ask questions based on your SPM results. Eg: “There are other candidates who get more A+s than you, why would we choose you?”
  • They are also asking opinions of certain subjects in daily life. It could even be a subject you don’t like. Answer it any way and truthfully state your opinions even if you don’t like the subject. But be sure that you are stating it in a humble and humorous comment and prevent from making a neutral subject seem tense.
  • Based on experience by previous scholars, let’s say your hobby is singing, they might ask you to sing and same goes to other hobbies.
  • There will be questions on curricular activities and other branched questions.
  • They will test your general knowledge. Eg: TN50, Politics, IR4.0, Automation, 5G, famous political leader at that time and so on.
  • What do you know about UEM: My suggestion is you can talk about their chairman, core businesses and assets and so n. It will be better if you know a little bit information on their subsidiary company. E.g. Mercu UEM is owned by UEM Builders.

Before ending the interview session, the interviewers will do a summarize on your attitude and behavior throughout the session based on your reply and comments. They stated that they didn’t want a perfectionist and preferred a person who shows their flaws as from that they could remodel you as a future scholar. Don’t be afraid to be wrong and learn from your mistakes.

  • The session ends with “Do you have any question?” Never say “NO” to this question. You can ask questions about this scholarship program in detail or suggestion on any mental difficulties in your journey of pursuing your studies.

Try to calm down and enjoy the interview session. the interviewers laugh and the conversation got interesting as it dwell deeper into certain topics. I manage to ease the tension they tried to give and the interviewers were really nice. My session was quite long and past experiences stated that longer sessions signaled a successful interview.

2nd Stage

The second stage duration is only one day that will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The total number of second stage candidates is approximately 50 where half of them will get morning sessions and the rest get afternoon sessions. After the facilitators group 5 people from us as one team, we will be given a name sticker to wear on our shirt. The assessment starts with essay writing where the topic is given based on your group. In short, each group member will have the same topic but the essay is done individually. Discussion is prohibited among group members. 

The example of the essay title is  “Caning instills fear, it does more harm than good. Do you agree?” 30 minutes was given to us to finish the essay. Please be alert with the current news and increase your general knowledge. Moving on, the facilitator collected our essay and past it to the interviewers in the next assessment. Questions will arise from our essays but the interview is going to be held in a group discussion. There might be questions that arise from the essay of group members and all of them have the opportunity to state their opinions.

Before moving on to group discussion, a short period of time will be given as preparation and refreshment were prepared as well as it took time for interviewers to review the essays. Inside the interview room, there were 2 male interviewers awaiting.


  • Introduce yourself
  • What course you are applying to?
  • Why you choose the course?
  • Questions based on the essays from your group (Done in group discussion style)
  • Do you have any questions? (Before the group discussion ends)

Don’t make yourself look nervous in the way you behave or talk. Interviewers are looking for confidence in future scholars. 

In short, the discussion doesn’t only focus on the essay question but can divert into the theme of the question itself. So be ready. E.g.: the discussion could be ended in a way that everyone was supportive of the stand ‘caning instills fear’ and divert the discussion into the theme of the topic meaning that since our discussion was about caning which is a form of corporal punishment that is usually done in schools. We carried on the discussion about school rules.  The interview session will be video recorded for the committee members who were absent on that day.

After finishing the group discussion, you will be taken to another floor for video-recorded individual interviews. As always, the facilitators offer us refreshments before the assessment starts. The topics given are as follows:

  • How do you feel before, during, and after the group discussion?

You will be given a total duration of 2 minutes to talk including 30 seconds to introduce yourself. They will bring you into a small room, tidy up your appearance, and took your photo (Be ready for the photo session, be photogenic as this picture will be shown during a briefing of the scholarship if you become a UEM scholar in future). Then, a facilitator will give you a demonstration of hand signs to mark the start, first 30 seconds, last 30 seconds, and end of the duration while another facilitator attaches a microphone on your shirt. A seat with a small table facing a video camera will be prepared for you.


  • Be yourself.
  • Make a good first impressions. Smile, dress neatly, be polite, etc.
  • Don’t make yourself look nervous in the way you behave or talk. Interviewers are looking for confidence in future scholars. 
  • Never forget your greetings. 
  • Make eye contact.
  • Study about the company
  • Recognize the CEO, headmaster, and other important figures as they might interview you. Knowing them and addressing them by their name can really give a good impression. Also, you can ask a specific question to the respective interviewer. E.g.: KYUEM question to the headmaster of KYUEM
  • Improve your general knowledge, especially recent events in Malaysia and globally.
  • English test consists of grammar questions. 
  • For the Math Test, look back into Form 4 & 5 Add Math. If you are diligent enough, why not look into A-Level (Pure) Math.
  • Group discussion tips:  It could be concurring, agreeing on views, or even contradicting and opposing views. Give bold opinions and speak confidently but at the same time remember you are in a group discussion. Standing out will really help you get noticed by the interviewers obviously but remember to make sure that everyone engages in the discussion. E.g.: If you spot a participant who is passive in the discussion, after finishing your opinion, point to the person politely and say ‘Do you have any opinions regarding the topic, (candidate name)?

We hope that these guide is useful for you. Good luck and all the best!

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