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Yayasan Sime Darby ( YSD Scholarship )-Special Support Bursary Programme Interview Experience

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Basic Info of YSD Scholarship and Company:

  • YSD invites qualified students who are in their first year and students who will commence their Diploma or Undergraduate programs in September 2020 to apply for this program. This bursary program offers financial assistance to those from low-income families to pursue their tertiary education locally. 
  • YSD believes that financial limitations should not hinder anyone from reaching their academic goals. Hence, this program will enable bright, underprivileged students to maximize their full potential academically.
  • Important note: Interested candidates who are in their first year (semester 1 & semester 2) at local universities are encouraged to apply.

Value/Amount given:

  • This bursary award covers tuition fees, living and book allowances up to a maximum amount of RM25,000 per year.
  • Note: The scholarship will only cover expenses incurred after the award to recipients (i.e. upon execution of the scholarship agreement).

Bonding period:

  • The bursary recipient is not bonded with any of the three Sime Darby Companies as they are not required to serve the Company.

Advantage of taking this YSD Scholarship/Extra benefits:

  • No bonding is required and they paid the scholars quite a huge amount of money.

Time range to apply:

  • Start of February until End of March


This YSD scholarship is quite special as they target the underprivileged students. It does not require stages of assessment or interview. They will straight away filter your personal information and family financial background. Once you are notified through email, it means you are qualified to attend the final interview session.

All the candidates will be asked to attend the interview on the same day. The amount of candidates they selected is around 60 people. You are allowed to leave once you finished your interview. To make the registration be smoother, make sure you bring all the documents required and arranged it in the order according to the email.

The interview is held in Sime Darby Plantation Tower (which might be different in the following years.) Once you arrived, enter the main entrance, observe the surroundings to find the arrow sign showing the place for the scholarship interview. Ask the security guard if you really could not find the place.

Firstly, candidates will gather in a room for registration purposes. They will check all the documents during the registration. After every candidate finished the registration, they will be given a short briefing about the interview process.

There will be three rooms for the interviews that day where each room consists of two interviewers. Everyone will take turns for the interview session. The interview duration is around 30 minutes for everyone. You can leave straight away after you finished your interview.

Interesting Fact: They will require you to write your T-shirt size. A lot of candidates are curious about that. Actually, for every YSD Scholarship interview, they will do the same thing. It is for the T-shirt giving during the Sime Darby Scholarship Award Ceremony which will be held in Sime Darby Conventional Centre if you get the scholarship XD.


  • Introduce yourself briefly
  • Why you apply for this YSD Scholarship?
  • What are your parents(Mom and Dad) occupation?
  • What company do they work in?
  • How much the salary per month?
  • Which Pre-U you studying before this and why you choose it?
  • Why you choose Bachelor of _____ in University of _____ (For those who apply this scholarship that has not get offer letter)
  • If you did not get the course, what is your plan B? (For those who apply this scholarship that has not get offer letter)
  • What do you see yourself in 10 years?
  • What is the biggest obstacle you have been through?
  • Last question: Do you have any questions? (Important!!! Prepare and ask the question.)

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!


All information stated here is based on the experience of previous years’ interviewees. For more accurate and latest application detail, please refer to the official website.

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