Lion Parkson Foundation Scholarship Interview Experience

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Basic Info of scholarship and company:

  • A scholarship offered by The Lion Group, a corporation that owns Parkson and other subsidiary companies to deserving students to pursue their tertiary education.

Value/ Amount given:

  • RM 10000 per year (might be different in future)

Bonding period:

  • 4 years 

Advantage of taking this scholarship:

  • Internship opportunity and enrichment program during semester break

Time range to apply:

  • Start of March until End of April


After you finish applying Lion Parkson Foundation Scholarship. They filter the application list, there will be someone who follows you up throughout the process upon acceptance of the scholarship interview.

First stage: 

  • Can be Face to Face interview or Skype interview (depending on where you staying currently)
  • 2 interviewer vs 1 interviewee or 3 interviewers vs 1 interviewee  (depends on your luck)
  • Usually consist of 1 man and 1 lady

No worries, they are very kind, they just want to see whether you can speak and see whether you are the person they are searching 

All the questions are easy (more about your experience in school and your personality, eg: hobby, interest, they even help you to speak with the question when everything come to a pause)

Face to Face interview (at Lion Tower)

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Family details and education background
  3. How do you see yourself in the future?
  4. How’s your friends/ teachers/ family members see you?
  5. What obstacle did you face based on your experience and how you solve it?

OR Skype interview (at home)

Same questions as above

After the first stage, they will select around 100 people for the final interview.

Someone will call you, SMS you, email you and they are going to remind you again and again because they want to confirm the number of people who are going to stay overnight, feel free to tell them your circumstance because they will try their best to cooperate with you, e.g. you are still in vacation one day before the interview but will straight away to the interview venue after coming back OR you are a second-year student who has a class in the morning.

Final interview

Consists of two days

Day 1:

After registration, you will have a simple lunch. During that time, you will get to meet with a lot of awesome people from other institutes. Next, they will give you an English test (Word Search Puzzle). The faster person can submit your paper to the front and take a number accordingly from small to big. No worries because this is not the part of the assessment, they just want to separate the candidates into groups.

They prepared a team building session that consisted of a lot of fun games such as, finding the similarities among team members, describing marvel characters in a motivating way, and using the spaghetti sticks to build the highest tower. Then, they will announce the winner of the game.

After that, there will be a briefing about the company, about the Lion Parkson scholarship including experience of having it. There will be a session where the past scholarship recipient that have already work to share their experience

Lastly, there will be a Q&A session.

You can choose to be a passive or active person in the previous activity, but there will be one interviewer among the VIP during the Q & A session

The interviewers consisted of the Lion Parkson group’s departmental manager.

After that, you will take your turn to claim the transportation fee and you are allowed to take your things and wait for the crowds to go to the provided accommodation together.

The Mesui Hotel (, located near Lion Tower.

Dinner and breakfast will be provided at the hotel, do enjoy the dinner because you rarely get this chance.

Day 2

They will inform you of the time of your interview session in your email.  There will be a place for you to wait for your interview. On that day the whole tower will be used for the interview. Each floor will consist of two HODs. Remember, they are professional. The time allocated for each interviewee is around 30 minutes. But usually, there will be some lucky person to get interviewed over 45 minutes and some even finish in 20 minutes. 

Remember the essay you wrote during the application on their page, they will have it during the interview and some of the questions will be asked based on that.


  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Tell us about your leadership experience.
  3. Were you involved in any activities at school or in your community?
  4. Tell us about your greatest strength?
  5. What is your greatest weakness?
  6. What is your goal?
  7. Why should you be the one to receive this scholarship?
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?
  9. Tell me about one of your meaningful experiences in school?

Some questions or similar questions may be asked by your interviewer and some may not be asked, just prepare for it

After around one month, you will receive the result through calling and if you don’t, that means you didn’t get the offer. The number of people they selected is 10 out of 100 or more.

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!


All information stated here is based on the experience of previous years’ interviewees. For more accurate and latest application detail, please refer to the official website.

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