IJM Scholarship Interview Experience

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Basic Info of IJM Scholarship and Company:

  • IJM Scholarship is offered by IJM Corporation Berhad to help develop, nurture and raise young and bright Malaysian talents of the future. 

Value/Amount given:

  • RM13000 per year for public university (may be different in future)
  • RM16000 per year for private university (maybe be different in future)

Bonding period:

  • Total bonding period = Years sponsored by IJM + 1 year

Advantage of taking IJM Scholarship/Extra benefits:

  • Secured Internship opportunity. Once you graduate, there will be a one-year enrichment program to prepare you for the industry.

Time range to apply:

  • Start of March until End of April


On the day of the IJM scholarship interview, there will be a morning session and afternoon session. All the stages will be done in a very professional way. For morning sessions, they will prepare breakfast and lunch for you. For afternoon sessions, they will prepare lunch at the beginning and tea at the ending.

After you fill your stomach, there will be a small briefing about the IJM Scholarship Award along with other interviewees from the same sessions. After that, you will be separated according to courses (Pre-U qualification follows your application) to have a detailed briefing about job opportunities of your course in IJM Corporation Berhad from their Senior Engineer.

Put attention in this session as you may find answers from here in later interview sessions.

After that, you will be separated into a group consisting of four people. You may get a teammate with the same or different desired courses.

The IJM Scholarship interview session consisted of 3 stages:

(Your interview will be recorded for the first two stages)

1.) Group discussion

There are two interviewers at this stage. You will be given a situation asking you to solve the problem. Give your ideas through open talk and after that, you all must present the idea with the speech format ( introduction, body, and conclusion). There will be some main points stated in the questions. Elaborate the main points along with your group members.

E.g. Restaurant A is a Chinese traditional restaurant that makes revenue of RMxxx per month while Restaurant B is a Western restaurant that earns RMxxx per month. Both two restaurants are allocated in the streets where more white-collar workers will come for lunch. The business hour of Restaurant A is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. while the business hour of Restaurant B is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The size of Restaurant A is 3200 square feet while Restaurant B has an area of 2500 square feet. ….

Discuss what improvement can the manager of Restaurant B take to take down Restaurant A from the views of marketing, manpower management…

Just try your best on the hardest part (problem-solving) because your interviewers may add the difficulty by asking “if they want to reduce the cost, what suggestions will you give?” 

2.) Self-introduction and Review

There are two interviewers at this stage. You will be given a mahjong paper to write about yourself like your qualification, school/ college, weakness, and strength (Remember, you need to have an example of a situation of your weakness and strength. You need to present something about you and they will ask you some questions. This stage will take around 40 minutes. 


-your life experience to show your strength and way to improve your weakness

-about work-life balance

-where do you think you will be in 3 years?

-why deserve this scholarship?

Answer with honesty and confidence, don’t be afraid to open up because the interviewer will be so friendly till we were laughing in the interview session and sharing their experience in their field.

One of the interviewers may pretend like they are not interested in your presentation. Chill, they just want to see how you react.

3.) Written Exam

There will not be any interviewers in this stage but you will have a seat separated from other interviewees.

For 2018 – the exam consists of a few sections with Maths, IQ, English, and essay questions.

For 2019 – You will be given 2 titles to write on (Choose only one). Your essay must not be longer than 250 words. Complete it within 30 minutes.

Tips: Make sure you give your ideas and speak with confidence. They are looking for people that can talk and professionally present themselves.

I hope that this article is useful for all of you. Good luck and all the best!


All information stated here is based on the experience of previous years’ interviewees. For more accurate and latest application detail, please refer to the official website.

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