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How to find the right scholarship for yourselves efficiently(2020)

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Whether or not you’ve read the post Why you should get a scholarship(If not, you should take a look!), this post intended to lead you on HOW to find a scholarship in terms of searching and applying for any scholarship. Let’s get started!

Please be aware that the advice here is merely our lessons learned from our experience, so you should make your own judgment along the journey of applying for scholarships.

Find scholarships

Before you start googling about the scholarships available, you should have your current circumstances in mind. You will find yourselves overwhelming in the sea of information because you’re not sure what to look for.

The below list shows the requirement that you should take note so you won’t waste your time reading information about the scholarship but find yourselves not eligible to apply for it.

Things to take note before you start

Study Level

If you’re going to get your degree, skip the scholarship open to Pre-University, Master, and Ph.D.!


Be well aware of the deadline for the scholarship. Most of the scholarship application process will take 1-2 weeks. This is because the preparation of the documents listed can be time-consuming. You’ll need to get the documents certified, get the documents from certain organizations, and so on.

So unless you can prepare the documents listed before the deadline, you may skip it. Provided that you REALLY can’t make it before the deadline.

Where to study

Some scholarships require their scholars to study in their own educational institution, some provide a list of accepted colleges/universities. Make sure to check this out before further reading other details!

Preferred Discipline

Check if your current studying course is eligible for the application. If you haven’t studied any courses, call them to check for eligibility.

Exam Slip

There are 2 conditions, you’re with your exam result slip or you’re not(Because the exam was just ended and you’re waiting for the announcement). Some scholarships clearly state that they need your exam slip to prove your academic result. You can skip those scholarships.

But there exist scholarships that not so clear about it, then you should make a call to their office for further information. Take the initiative!

Academic Requirement

We all know academic achievement can’t represent how holistic a student is, but there always exists a bar to applying for scholarships. If they need you to get 5A+ in your SPM, count your numbers of A+ before any further reading.

Some scholarships may require specific certifications.

Family Income status

Check your eligibility if your family income is considered high. Because most of the scholarships aim to help needy students.

Bonding period

Check how many years you’ll need to work for them and where you going to work at after graduation. Plan your life ahead!

Amount provided

You’ll need to know the amount of scholarship. Since the organization will always have a list of expenses that they cover, make sure to get that from them.

Other Terms and Conditions

The organizations that offer scholarships often provide a list of T&C. You should make an effort to read them out even though it might be lengthy and tedious.

Start Searching

Now with all these in mind, how to search for scholarships?

The first method is to search them online. There are plenty of great websites that aggregate scholarships and make users easy to search and apply. Here is a few of good examples:

The next method is quite traditional: ask your friends and the people surrounding you! Most of the time they have some information about scholarships or they can help you out on finding scholarships. So try to ask them about scholarships and they may surprise you!

The next method is to find someone professional, you can head to the counseling section to ask questions about scholarship. They can provide insightful suggestions or better, have some scholarships available on hand!

Application Process

Now you found a scholarship in which you fulfill all requirements. You can start to apply for it.

First, prepare the documents. Along with the preparation, you may unclear about what document the list refers to. The best move you can make is to make a call to the organization. Even though you can ask your friends about it, but your friends are not the ones making the final decision! Our advice is, ask the authoritative scholarship provider instead.

Another advice is don’t procrastinate. Prevent last-minute preparation because you won’t know how much time you’ll need to prepare one particular document. Some scholarships will ask for you to write an essay to prove your English Writing skill.

You’ll find yourselves wondering how to apply for the scholarship in terms of documents and other trivial stuff. Don’t be shy to call them. Besides that, you can contact them via their social media platform(if applicable) or email them. This increases your chance of getting the offer because you’re well aware of what they want.

Lastly, double-check before the submission. You usually have no change to make an amendment.

Yeay done applying for a scholarship! If you want to increase the chances of getting a scholarship, go apply more! Even though the process can be tedious, but so what? You’ll have someone cover your expenses during the whole journey. This worth the effort.

We hope that this post is insightful to you. All the best!

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