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Gamuda Scholarship Award Interview Experiences (Public / Private / Foreign University Malaysia Campus)

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Basic Info of scholarship and company:

Gamuda is a multi-award winning engineering and construction company in Malaysia.
Gamuda Scholarships are offered to those pursuing engineering, quantity surveying, township and urban planning, property and real estate management, geomatics, and architecture. The Gamuda Scholarship 2020 includes an internship, and job placement opportunities within the Gamuda Group of Companies.

Value/Amount given:

Full tuition fees, living expenses, and a Scholars’ Engagement & Development Programme

Bonding period:

  • An internship with Gamuda Group of Companies.
  • 3 years of job opportunities within the Gamuda Group of Companies.

Advantage of taking this scholarship/Extra benefits:

  • Scholars’ Engagement & Development Programme included
  • Secured opportunity of internship and job after graduate

Time range to apply:

End of March until early of May each year

Requirements to apply:

  1. Malaysian IC holder, age from 19 until 23.
  2. Minimum 3As/ CGPA 3.40 in STPM or equivalent (e.g. A-Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Diploma).
  3. Good command of English.
  4. Strong leadership qualities through active participation in extra-curricular activities, sporting events and community service.
  5. Must show proof of financial need.
  6. Willing to serve the Gamuda Group for a specified term upon graduation.
  7. Non-recipient of other scholarship, loan, or financial assistance.
  8. Students commencing their full-time first-degree programme upon completing pre-university studies are eligible to apply.
  9. Students undergoing their full-time first-degree programme are eligible to apply.

Preferred field of studies:

  1. Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Mechatronics)
  2. Quantity Surveying / Building Surveying / Construction Management
  3. Township & Urban Planning
  4. Geomatics
  5. Architecture
  6. Property & Real Estate Management

Family financial status:

As stated in requirement 5, the Gamuda Scholarship Award are for needy students only. Applicants must show their salary slips to prove financial need.

Where to Study:

Any Local University (Public / Private / Foreign University Malaysia Campus)

Experience of Application Details (Gamuda 2020):

Below are my experience of applying Gamuda Scholarship in 2020 which is quite different from the past due to MCO pandemic.

1.During filling the application form online, you will be required to fill the information of your car and house property expected values, and write an essay on “By relating your career aspiration, why do you deserve this scholarship?”

2.Then if you are shortlisted, Gamuda company will contact you personally through email and set an interview time with you.

3.In the interview, there will be many questions asked including

  • Why do you join these activities,
  • What does this society does,
  • What you do and learnt in this competition that you joined,
  • Why do you choose this course to study,
  • What major do you plan to take in future,
  • How can you provide support to us in your profession,
  • What is the estimated assets value of your house and car,
  • etc…

4.After this interview, you will then need to wait until mid of May to know the interview result

5.If you are shortlisted after the interview, you will then required to take another IQ and personality test online

6.You will be given an account to log in and you will do it in a limited time period.
(you can view the sample question at here click me for sample test , and select LOGIKS GENERAL (ADVANCED) and this link click me for personality tests.

8 Minutes- 12 Verbal Questions
8 Minutes- 8 Numerical Questions
4 Minutes- 10 Abstract Questions
*Questions between Verbal, Numerical, and Abstract are separated, which means you can take a rest after doing the 8 minutes verbal question.

CUBIKS FAKTORS (Unlimited timed)
54 Questions (No right or wrong)

7.After this test, you will get to know the result by mid of June whether your application of Gamuda Scholarship is successful or not.

Any Enquires:

Email: [email protected]

To get more information about the scholarship, please head to the

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