About Us

AglowLife - Where your time and money are saved

Who are us?
AglowLife is a media website created by students from University of Malaya. The story started when we have come through the pathway of students and we found that there are several tips that can ease students but were not shared with us in time.

As such, we decided to share the information so that students at our ages can have the privilege of having these useful information so they won’t make any avoidable mistakes.

With this passion, we built AglowLife to share everything about Students and money tips to help anyone who needs help as we did.

Our mission
Share quality higher education and financial information for every Malaysian student. Let’s grow together.

Our blogging goals
-We are determined to share helpful and detailed information for every Malaysian student.
-We make sure every information is accurate
-We update our content from time to time so it is as up-to-date.

How can you get involved?

Do email us what information you want to know, we’re happy to find the right information for you!

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Suggestions for improvement are welcome! ^_^